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Frequently Asked Questions

Clients initiate competitions. After uploading basic information, they decide on the timeline and award amount. Designers are able to review all posted competitions and sign-up to participate in the design challenges. Designers can upload their design solutions until the project deadline. After the deadline the client evaluates the projects and picks the winning design scheme, and informs conceptadvisor about their first three ranked projects. Conceptadvisor then distributes the award among the first three winners
The duration of the competition is decided by the client, and depends largely on the size and time commitment of the client. They can be short competitions for conceptual ideas lasting for about a week, or longer competitions that can last up to 12 weeks.
The minimum number of designers is two for all competitions. For most competitions, there is no upper limit. However, clients can limit the number of participants for their competitions. In that case, the project description would explicitly mention the limitation. was founded to bring quality design solutions to people who do not have the resources to access architects. In the US, this means nine out of ten clients. Our clients are people who desire original design solutions to their everyday projects.
No. Conceptadvisor is open to all designers, students, young architects and professionals all around the world.
The identities of the clients and designers will be kept strictly confidential, unless they decide themselves otherwise. You will get an alias for each competition you participate in. This allows designers to keep anonymous, and makes sure that the winning project is selected by merit only.
Delete the cache/history of your internet browser. Or, use a different internet browser, e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, IE etc. If your problem persists contact
Voting allows you to evaluate projects completed on Conceptadvisor. The vote consists of judging the basis of an architectural work – beauty, function and structure. Simply, it means, you judge whether the design is beautiful, whether it is functional – does it work, and whether it is realistic and buildable. In addition, graphics is judged as a fourth evaluation criteria. The voting system is based on a 10 point scale where 10 is the best and 1 the worst. Also, the average of each evaluation is calculated and shown as “Average” point.
All registered members of the Conceptadvisor community, designers and clients, can vote. Please notice that we do not encourage designers to vote on their own projects.
Yes, Conceptadvisor regards voting as an honorable service by designers, and understands this feedback loop as an ongoing effort by designers to mentor/judge their peers. Therefore the system issues points for voting on projects, in order to promote, foster and strengthen our community.
We do not encourage designers to vote on their own projects – since there is an obvious conflict of interest. We did not disable this, because after the competition is over, designers can see the work of their peers and do an honest comparative evaluation of their own work and put it on record. However, if we notice abuse of the system we may disable designers to vote on their own projects in future.
Concept Advisor is the first-of-its-kind crowd sourcing platform for architectural design services as well as providing the architectural solutions to the clients as a secondary opinion for their project. At Concept Advisor, you can launch an architectural design competition among designers worldwide. Concept Advisor gives designers the opportunity to unlock their design potential, and offer you multiple design solutions.
In a nutshell, you upload basic information regarding your project, e.g. rough dimensions, images, descriptions, duration and award. Designers can then review your competition, and decide whether to compete or not. If they do, they can work on your project until your deadline, and upload their design solutions to Concept Advisor. You evaluate all design submissions, and announce your top three design schemes.
As a client you will benefit in two key ways: First, you will get more than one single design solution; and, second, you can get these design solutions at free.
You can initiate any type of small-to-medium scale architectural design competitions, e.g. a commercial/public, residential, recreational, interior and many more.
No. Privacy is of prime importance to us. Unless you disclose your location etc. yourself, your
Although there are many benefits of visiting a site in person, designers are trained to deal with contextual constraints of sites they have never visited. Designers have to deal with this all the time whenever they participate in international competitions. Not visiting a site does not necessarily lead to design solutions that are inferior, or vice versa.
Designers are young professionals in their early careers, architectural designers, interior designers and landscape designers from all around the globe.
You will have to decide on the timeline. Your choice will depend on the size of your project and the time commitment you have. You can have short competitions for conceptual ideas lasting for about 3 days to a week, or longer competitions lasting up to 12 weeks.
You should describe the current space and what you wish done. You should provide images and measurements, eg. sketches, blueprints if possible, etc.
It's good to give a budget but not necessary. However, if you have any particular budget amount in mind definitely put it in your project brief, so that designers make proposals accordingly.
Depending on the type of competition you will get dimensioned plans, sections, elevations, and perspective views. Some designers may also submit additional views, animations and other 3D work.